Software 4 Schools - Engagement and Security

Schools host a lot of events over the school year, and it’s important to have a check in, check out system for students. These systems allow you to see what your students are attending as well as ensure that attendees have a ticket! Traditional check in systems, like physical tickets and wristbands, are easily lost or shared amongst students. An online system ensures security and fairness. Some things you should look for when looking at a school check-in system include:

Simple User Interface

There’s nothing more irritating than downloading a new system only for it to be a complicated mess. From not being able to easily access different screens to complicated printouts, complicated user experiences seem to come with the territory for many systems. This makes them unusable for many people. A great school check-in system will allow you to easily navigate between pages as well as utilizing easy to understand language and iconography. 

Online Connections

Online connections allow you to connect to numerous devices as well as keeping a larger database for faculty and teachers. Less advanced systems rely on downloading hardware that’s not transferable amongst devices and requires manual updating. This makes for a complicated and time-consuming proposition for educators and faculty alike. Online systems will allow you to make changes across all devices and can get utilized by everyone.

No Complicated Equipment

School check-in systems used to be quite bulky. Teachers and faculty would need to pull out laptops and scanners to get students checked in. This equipment needed to get placed in one spot and remain stationary throughout the night. If something went down, there may not be a method to transfer it between devices, or a new system would need to be brought in and set up. This wasted valuable check-in time. A great check-in system can easily share its database among devices to facilitate easy digital event ticket processing—even if something happens to a device.

Streamlined Process

Check in processes are supposed to take a short amount of time with digital tickets, but that hasn’t always been the case. Whether due to complicated user interfaces or bulky equipment, check in systems can sometime take much longer than they should. A great school check-in system will only take a few seconds to check-in students to allow them to get in as soon as possible while teachers and faculty can easily check in a large number of students in a short amount of time.

There are numerous check-in systems available, and all tout that they’re the best online ticketing system. However, many utilize poor user interfaces, rely on bulky hardware and feature a difficult check-in process. A truly great check-in system will alleviate these issues to create a streamlined process that allows easy check in for students at events. Ticketing 4 Schools is dedicated to providing teachers and faculty with an easy check-in and check-out system they can use all year long. From keeping track of field trip attendees to student dances, Ticketing 4 Schools allows educators to keep track of their students’ activities throughout the school year. Learn more about how Ticketing 4 Schools can help your school here.