Software 4 Schools - Engagement and Security

Time, by which I mean the space in which to get stuff done, is in such short supply because many of us try to cram so much into every passing day. This is not entirely by choice: we commit to a project and before long it becomes overwhelming, pushing out family time, time to relax, demanding we hit deadlines. 

If only a teacher’s day were not impacted by unpredictable students, prep time, grading, and attending interminable meetings!

The solution to teacher overload, especially when it comes to the time you voluntarily give to the school, is organization and tools. You can cook a fancy meal if you get organized and have the right equipment.  Most teachers have by now discovered that work can be accomplished faster by means of computers, Google docs and sheets, online calendars, etc.

Consider a few extra curricular duties teachers perform: run the student store; supervise school elections; plan and run various school dances; take time out to manage unruly kids and the consequences — to name a few.

We get it! That’s to say, the guys behind Software 4 Schools get it! Both Ben Star and Michael Buss have spent many years in the school classroom,  also managing all those extra duties that consume so much time.

So they devised the tools to help teachers get organized and thereby save their time. This is why their motto is “Designed by Teachers 4 Teachers.”

The tools are software applications which take the heavy lifting out of running the student store, running elections, or dances, or managing the fall-out from undisciplined behavior. Nearly all the apps from Software 4 Schools run in web browsers, which makes their use quick, easy, free of complicated installation and maintenance issues. These are the tools to help you get organized and save time.

In the next few blogs we’ll introduce you to the stories behind the apps, what they do, and the way they can the take the pressure off your very full schedules.

Here are the key areas in which we have developed time-saving solutions:

School elections; event organization from dances to study hall; student store; tardies and detention management.

We’ll keep you posted.