Software 4 Schools - Engagement and Security

The moment that all high school sports fans await is now fast approaching: the return of sports events! As school begins to welcome back their students back to continue the school year, fans are eagerly awaiting the return of the athletic events that make their world go around. As for the people in charge of these events, they can also enjoy the events with event management that creates an enjoyable experience for both staff and fans. 

There have been many intelligent advancements in technology that have streamlined high school online ticket sales. Now, thousands of school events over the nation have been able to see the benefits of going paperless and cashless by embracing digital ticketing. By eliminating paper tickets, as well as the burden of administration that comes along with them, schools can easily increase revenue, save time, and reduce any hassle. 

If you believe that high school online ticket sales could benefit your school, then you should definitely give digital online ticketing a try. High schools that choose to adapt and make the switch can achieve great outcomes such as the ones below. Let’s take a look!

  1. Provide Contactless Entry and Payment

As schools try to navigate their way through the new COVID-19 safety protocols, digital ticketing can most certainly reduce the excessive points of contact. Paper tickets often change hands multiple times before they have even been exchanged at the gate which means that the transmission of COVID and other illnesses is very possible. 

This just creates an unnecessary risk for fans attending the games. Paying with cash also poses a risk. In fact, a study conducted recently found that physical currency turns over at least 55 times per year, or once per week.

This means that you can never really know how many people have touched a certain piece of currency by the time it reaches your wallet. Now, fans can watch the game with the ease of purchasing tickets online and minimizing contact for more peace of mind.

  1. Avoid the Long Lines

Not only do high school online ticket sales prevent any unnecessary contact, but they can also help to accelerate the entry process. Instead of waiting for long periods of time in long lines, people can easily walk up to the gate and redeem their tickets in a matter of seconds. In order to achieve the fastest crowd flow possible, digital ticketing is best.

  1. Manage Capacity as Needed

While it will depend on your school’s policies, you may need to limit the capacity at some of your sporting events. If this is the case, with the help of digital ticketing, you can easily set limits on the total number of tickets that can be sold. You can also break down tickets by type, as well as encourage social distancing when needed by distributing tickets among different areas of the stadium.

The Bottom Line

High school online ticket sales can completely change the way schools manage their sporting events. If you need help with digital ticketing, get in touch with us today!