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There’s nothing more fun than a school election. Each year, thousands of students from across the country compete for positions in student elections as well as titles like Prom King and Queen. However, tallying hundreds of votes is a hassle and isn’t always a transparent process. By making student elections digital, students and faculty alike can ensure the fairness of elections and deliver accurate results. A great online voting software for schools will be used throughout the school year. Read on to learn why you should be working to make your elections digital ASAP. 

One of the biggest issues we see in student elections are accusations that an election wasn’t fair. Elections are almost always carried out fairly, but it can be difficult for people to sit through the recounting process to show why it was a fair election. A digital system removes any accusations of fairness by showing each vote. Results can be easily scrolled through for those who may doubt the validity of the election as well. Because this process is transparent, most people will not demand a recount or question the validity of the election.

Easy to Use
One of the most common complaints about school elections is how time-consuming they are. People need to either count ballots by hand or scan hundreds of scantrons. Furthermore, students need to take the time to fill out these forms, leading to an underactive student body. With a digital voting system, students can easily cast their votes with just a few taps of their screen. This means that the number of students voting is more likely to increase. Furthermore, faculty will not need to worry about counting votes or scanning scantrons. Instead, the system automatically tallies all votes in a secure system.

Accurate Results
We’ve talked about transparency, but there are other points of accuracy that need to get taken into consideration. More and more people have tried to utilize different apps, such as polls, to ensure fair results. However, the problem with these systems is they’re easily corruptible. Students can cast multiple votes by rigging bots to the system and voting is usually open to anyone who has the link. This can lead to thousands of votes that simply are not possible for the size of the school. Rather than relying on these systems, a secure digital voting platform for schools will ensure accurate results from only your student body.

School elections are a fun way to promote school spirit and get students invested in school, but you do need to ensure you have a secure voting system in place. By switching to a digital platform, you can create an online voting system that delivers instantaneous and accurate results. This leads to fair, transparent school elections that faculty, staff and students alike can all get behind. Voting 4 Schools promotes fair elections that everyone has faith in. To learn more about how Voting 4 Schools can help your school elections, click here.