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School elections are an excellent way to increase student involvement. Many students feel like it gives them a voice. However, counting votes can feel tedious and many students do not want to take the time to handwrite their votes. A digital voting system allows students to vote quickly and easily. However, many may wonder how often the system will get used and whether they can justify paying for the system. Read on to learn how you can use your school’s voting system all year long with a variety of events.  

Homecoming is usually the first dance of the year, taking place in September or October. Many students will cast their votes for Homecoming King and Queen. A school voting system is a great way to ensure fair results and allows students to learn how to utilize the system.


Prom is a rite of passage for many upper division classmen that usually takes place around April. Although Prom King and Queen are the most obvious elections, many schools are expanding out to include elections for things like cutest couple and best dress. With a digital voting system, you can host real time elections with winner declared at the end of the night.

Spirit Day

Spirit Day is a fun and exciting event meant to produce school spirit, so why not take the time to have a few elections? Look to create contests for things like “Most School Spirit” or “Craziest Hair” in an effort to allow all students to win a title.

ASB Elections

ASB is important for many students because it makes them feel like they have a voice in what goes on. If a group is deadlocked on something, a new proposal needs voting or ideas are floating around for new policies, an election is an excellent way to get all students involved.

Event Ideas

Many students are looking for new ways to get involved with events, so let their voices get heard by allowing them to submit and vote on event ideas. This allows each student to voice their opinion without judgement.

Student Government

Student government is a great extracurricular for many students, and elections can be fierce. By using a digital student body election system, you can ensure fair and accurate voting that most students will partake in.

School Survey

School surveys are becoming more and more popular as educators realize the importance of their students providing feedback. However, these surveys are often ignored by students because they are cumbersome to take. A digital voting system makes the process easy to complete on a phone, computer or tablet.

Teacher of the Year

Everyone has that one teacher that changed their lives. However, voting is again seen as a hassle for many. A digital voting software program allows students to vote on their phones to recognize their favorite teachers at the end of the year.

Whether looking to use software for student body elections or to select Prom Queen, voting software is an excellent tool for schools around the country. Students can share their ideas and recognize their peers and teachers with just a few taps on their phones. To learn more about how digital voting software can help your school, click here.