Software 4 Schools - Engagement and Security

The COVID-19 pandemic has completely altered not only the world but also our state of mind and everyday living. All we can think of are germs and viruses, and how easily they can be transmitted. With school finally going back to normal, people may think that everything is okay now.

However, this could not be further from the truth. Now we have to deal with graduation ceremonies, theater productions, sports, prom, performing arts, and many more events. These activities have been put on the backburner throughout the pandemic to try and stop the spread. 

Though, we cannot go on and continue to put students’ livelihood on pause. In response to this, schools are not opening events again. This is where digital event tickets come into play.

Digital Event Tickets for Touchless Events

Now, digital event tickets have become a popular online solution for school events. Now, you can handle school events, donations, the collection of funds, selling merchandise, and so much more with digital event tickets. It is the answer to keeping everything open.

For example, students can register for orientation, classes, and graduation online without ever having to attend in person. Obviously, this completely limits the face-to-face of students and staff while all the necessary information is collected. 

Below are some of the reasons you should consider digital event tickets.

  1. A Touchless Mobile Experience

The very focal point of digital event tickets is the touchless event experience that users receive. Whatever they are choosing to purchase, online ticketing eliminated any unnecessary exchanges or interactions that could further spread germs. All purchases and payments are completely online.

Digital event tickets are then sent via email and will remain on smart devices where they are then scanned from a wireless scanner at check-in. 

  1. Using Student IDs as Coupon Codes

Schools can easily create coupon codes using student IDs and then upload them in bulk. If you are wanting a student to be able to receive a discount at checkout, they can easily enter their designated student ID and have the code applied quickly and effectively. You can also add these codes in bulk as well as any other limitations you may want to apply.

Either way, it is a very easy and straightforward process that can make checking out online very simple and automated. It is an excellent solution.

  1. Assigned Seating to Honor Social Distancing

In the world we live in, you are most likely sick of hearing the phrase social distancing. However, it is important to recognize that social distancing has become a very normal part of our lives. Events cannot happen if social distancing isn’t being monitored or followed at events. 

Luckily, assigned seating fixes this problem easily. With Ticketing4Schools, you can easily assign seating to digital event tickets to ensure that people comply with the social distancing rules. Using our platform, schools can easily control the capacity in which they would like to sell out their venue.

Seats can also be blocked off to ensure social distancing rules are being followed.