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What Teachers Are Saying

 We have been using software4schools for the past few years for our announcements. We particularly like the way it has made it easier for everyone to put on their own announcements and the way people are able to access them from our webpage as well as their email.

Potsdam High School
 We used Software for Schools to help coordinate our student body elections this past year. As a new user to the system, I was concerned about learning a new software in time for our election season. Fortunately for me the platform was very user friendly. Ben and Mike are very responsive and supportive as well for any lingering questions that you may have. I was impressed by how seamless the entire experience was. Setting up an election can truly be completed in a matter of minutes! I highly recommend the product.

Marymount California University
 We used Ticketing 4 Schools for the first time at our winter formal. The check in process went so quick and smooth. Everyone loved it, students, admin, and especially kids who were used to long lines for dance check in. It was quick and easy to set up the dance, even easier to check the students in using a couple of bar code scanners and the super easy to use phone app.

Beckman High School
 I discovered Software 4 schools back in 2010 and loved their ticketing system. I knew that they developed other products, but I was a bit nervous about moving to online voting. In 2017 I finally purchased Voting 4 Schools. This decisions was one of my best. Since moving to the program, we have seen an increase in voter participation. What impressed me the most was how the program has been able to hold up. The school moved to voting in classrooms right after announcements. I was sure that we would run into some technical glitches with the program with 800 students online voting around the same time. I was happy to be proven wrong. The system held up and did a great job. The only issues were user errors. After this election, I renewed the program for three years. I can’t believe I waited so long to use an amazing program.

Woodside High School
 The Discipline 4 Schools has been a lifesaver for our In House Monitor. Being all web based, this program has been an incredible time saver when logging Tardies and Dress Code violations by our staff. I also must add that the company was very willing to make modifications to fit our needs. At first, the Grade Level was not showing up on the reports. I asked them if this was an option to change and they were very accommodating and were able to change their back-end programming to meet our request! I would highly recommend this company!

Spring Valley High School, Las Vegas
 I have been using the Tickets program for a very long time now. I’ve been a satisfied customer this entire time. I am mostly pleased with the customer service. Answers are timely and always thorough. I’m especially happy with the latest update to the Tickets software. Besdies dances, we tried using the software for our yearbook distribution. It has been awesome. What used to take 30-60 seconds per transaction now takes about 5 seconds. We distributed 450 yearbooks in just under an hour. We demonstrated the system for our yearbook rep and he said that every one of his schools should be using this. So, thank you for having such a great product.

Carlmont High School
 This is our 4th year using this awesome tool. We have used it for elections, choosing senior song, and our best use has been for senior superlatives in the yearbook. It is safe and secure, tabulates the totals for us and gives us immediate feedback if people are having trouble logging in (or are trying to log in under a different account).

Dos Pueblos High School
 I just used the Ticketing 4 Schools app for the first time, checking in students who were attending a lunchtime meeting. Using just my phone’s camera, Ticketing 4 Schools allowed me to check in 65 students in minutes. The cherry on top was that I only needed my phone; I didn’t need additional time to set up my laptop and scanner, which was very convenient since I had been teaching right up to the meeting time. Thank you for making me a believer!

Woodbridge High School
 It is an easy way for voting and the students are more engages since they can vote on their phones. My students can set it up put a logo of the dance themes with the voting. For ASB we can set up restrictions for voting by class group for their presidents and vice as well as the entire population can vote for ASB. The yearbook has their own log in for Senior Best and they set it up and control it. If is easy for the students to manage and set-up so they have ownership. I just change the password when we go to actual voting so it is secure.

Attesia High School
 This software is great! It makes everything so much easier to work with. We use it for tardies, announcements and detentions. It is fast, reliable and quicker to input all information.

Orangeview Jr High
 This year marks my second using the Voting4Schools software with the student council at my small, rural high school. With a very involved student body, with equally involved parents, I have appreciated having votes counted automatically–taking away any possible questions of fraud–and being able to track down kids who haven’t voted to make sure they have the opportunity to be included. Thank you for a wonderful product and exceptional service!

New Lothrop High School
 We have been using Software 4 Schools for several years now. They are continually improving their product and we find it very user friendly and useful in our applications. Ben and Michael are always a pleasure to work with whenever I need tech support and are very responsive in getting back to me in a timely basis. I look forward to the recent upgrades and a continued relationship with Tickets 4 Schools.

Acalanes High School
 The days of paper ballots are LONG gone. We run all of our student council elections and Homecoming Court and Queen voting using Voting4Schools/Software4Schools. Students are now so used to it. They can vote at anytime from any device. Getting the word out on social media is easy and produces results.

York Suburban High School
 I used scantrons for all my election voting for many year and it would take me forever to get results. I decided to try Software4Schools a couple of years ago and I will never go back. It’s not just convenient for me but it great for my students. They can vote from their phone, Chromebook, etc. I even used it for Homecoming voting this year and it was great. It’s a must purchase!!

Marina High School
 IT’S WORKING!!!! Woohoo!!! Yes!!! This is EXACTLY what my expectations were 🙂 Thank you for your personalized customer service. I’m so glad we purchased this software and the voting4schools, which is awesome by the way. I REALLY love your company!!!

Vandebilt Catholic High School
 Using the Student Store 4 Schools software, our registration process went AMAZING!!! Because of the ease of the software, combined with our new credit card sales tool, we sold 3X the amount of product than we normally do.

Thompson Middle School
 I tried the Software 4 Schools software for the first time at our 2010 Prom. Using “new” technology for the first time can be a bit daunting, but their support staff was responsive, quick, and very helpful. Any questions or concerns that we had, whether from myself or from a student, were answered promptly. The software was quite intuitive and allowed us to speed up or registration and check-in process immensely. I enthusiastically recommend this product!

Carlmont High School
 I am a media specialist at my school and I’ve searched for quite a while to find a software that would allow us to scan students in and out of the facility. We were also looking for a software that would allow us to pull statistical data for our annual report. Software 4 Schools was exactly what we were looking for. It does everything we need it to do. The best feature I like is that is is very easy for me to upload my student data and have it display in a format that works for me. I’ve used other pieces of software in the past and always got a major headache when trying to load student data so that it would appear in a format that I could use. Software 4 Schools is user friendly and multi facated. Most people probably use it for student activities, but the software can also be used to check students in and out of specialty areas, like media centers, computer labs, etc. The reports tell you who was in the area, when they were there, and how long they stayed. I’ve had the software for two years in my school and let me tell you, it’s made my life a lot easier. Try it, you’ll like it.

Richland Northeast High School
 We recently purchased the ticketing software and couldn’t be happier with it! The software is easy to navigate and the students really loved using it and getting through the ticket line in record time. When we did have some questions, Ben and tech support was only an email or a phone call away and was extremely helpful. It is awesome to finally see software developed by teachers for teachers! Thanks guys!

Burlingame High School
 Our ASB purchased Ticketing 4 Schools software this year to bring our dance sales into the 21st century (scanning student ID barcodes to sell a ticket) and it has utterly changed the face our of program. We are infinitely more organized, no longer do we have money discrepancies or tickets sold in error to undeserving students, and so much more. Training my students on how to use this software to sell tickets was so simple they learned it in 5 minutes and have not had any mistakes or errors, since the system is so tight and well-thought out there isn’t room for errors. I would recommend this to ANY school! We also love their section on this website “ASB Activities” – we check through constantly searching for new ideas and always find something great to try. Personally as a new activities director, I have found so much support from this company.

Buena Park Jr. High
As an ASB Officer who implemented Ticketing 4 Schools at my high school, I fully recommend this program to any school in need of a better way to sell, track, and manage tickets. Before Ticketing 4 Schools, our school sold tickets using the most inefficient, slow, and frustrating system imaginable. Now, we simply scan ID cards to sell the tickets, scan the students into the dance, then print out the reports for our financial office. The Software 4 Schools customer service has been incredible and extremely helpful. All in all, this is a great program from a great company.

Heritage High School
 The ticketing software enhanced the efficiency of ticket sales in ways that I could have never imagined. In the past our lines were enormous and we were inefficient at keeping track of our ticket sales. With the software, the lines were not an issue and the check-in process could not have been easier and when we finish an event, all we have to do is click print and our reports are done. Now after using the software, I could not imagine running a school dance without it. I highly recommend it to any ASB director.

South Junior High School
Thank you so much for the program and all the previous help. We used the ticketing software for the first time for an event start to finish and it was awesome!!!

Milpitas High School
As a basketball trainer who manages about 30-40 kids in one session, I have to be prepared to know who is attending my classes and on what days they are attending. Ticketing has helped me organize and take a good look at my members and their attendance habits. I train 3 days out of the week and I need to know if a person who has signed up for the monthly membership is showing up and how frequently, so that I can prorate their membership if need be. Ticketing has made my business run a lot smoother than before. I will recommend them to all my fellow colleagues in the business.

Blue Storm Basketball Academy
Our school recently used the voting program from Software 4 Schools for ASB officer elections and it was a huge success! Not only was the election easy to set up, but the program ran smoothly throughout the election and it was easily understood by staff and students alike. On top of all that, I had results at the end of election day instead of spending hours (or even days) counting paper ballots. This program is a wonderful time-saver!

Ball Junior High School
Thank you a million times over!!! I am not the sharpest guy in the world and sometimes the remote to my cable box baffles me! Your company has been very responsive to EVERY need I have ever had! I can promise you our school will renew our upgrade contract every year I am here as the study hall moderator. If they will not pay for it, I will out of my own pocket!

Sacred Heart Griffin
Ticketing 4 Schools has made my life much easier. As an ASB director I hated pre-selling tickets to a dance and 10% of the students would lose there tickets before the dance had even started. Now we just scan their ID card to sell them a digital ticket. When the dance starts we scan their ID cards again, and they are good to go in. I also really like the feature where I can set student permissions. At our school students with more then 5 discipline points are not allowed to attend school dances. All I have to do is mark the students who are not allowed to attend and the system will block them from buying a ticket. 

Orangeview Junior High

This is the type of program I have been looking for regarding record keeping and easing my job as an ASB teacher. I found the program to be both efficient for the sales process as well as checking students into activities. I highly recommend the product to schools for dances, sporting events, and any other activity in which you need a list of student (or attendance numbers) and a record of sales.

Brookhurst Junior High



This software was wonderful! We will be using it for all of our upcoming dances here at Ball Junior High School. The students can work the program without a lot of direction. It speeds up the ticket selling process & makes the students easy to track on the day of the dance. The reports that can be run are great! We know exactly how much money we should have & where it is coming from. I would recommend this software to any school or other organization that is doing something similar! THANKS!!

Ball Junior High

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Ben and Michael, two teachers from Anaheim, started Software4Schools to solve one simple problem.  How do we get rid of paper tickets for our school dances and use the student ID cards they already have.  

After an overwhelming success with their school dances and neighboring schools they started to share their ticketing and other solution around the USA.