Software 4 Schools - Engagement and Security

Finding a decent school inventory management software can feel like an uphill battle. Most systems designers only create their system with businesses in mind, meaning they simply cannot meet the demands a school system needs. Many people forget that schools require detailed records, and most point of sale systems simply are not created with schools in mind. Store 4 Schools is the only system on the market designed with schools in mind, offering a thorough system that allows schools to easily track their sales and inventory with ease. Read on to learn the benefits of our system for your school. 

Easy to Use

One of the first questions we always receive when talking about our system is some variation of: “Is your system easy to use?” Many systems directed towards schools are difficult and complicated to use while point of sale systems for businesses are not optimized for schools. Store 4 Schools offers a user-friendly experience that allows faculty and staff to easily sell items to students. The system also allows users to track sales per student, meaning they are held accountable for their purchases in addition to traditional single or multi day or profit and loss reports with a couple taps on the screen. We understand teachers have a lot on their plate, so we’ve crafted our system to be as easy to use as possible.

Made with Schools in Mind

Schools have different needs at their point-of-sale locations than traditional businesses. Tax reports must be crafted for a school’s needs and barcodes are frequently unique due to school-specific merchandise. In short, schools need to use a specialized system. With experience as teachers, we’ve created the point of sale system for schools we wish we’d had. From crafting and printing barcodes to tracking sales and receiving detailed reports, the Store 4 Schools system is made for schools.

Various Payment Options

School stores typically require multiple payment options, including cash and credit cards. Regular systems can work with those just fine. However, other point of sale systems cannot take student credit or meal plans without some heavy configuration. Our system is designed to allow students to pay with all traditional methods as well as student credit. Because of this, students and staff can easily see how much money is left on an account to allow students to make smart financial decisions with their credit or pay with cash or card if credit is not an option.

Latest Technology

One of the biggest things we found when looking to perfect our system is how many point-of-sale systems are designed strictly for a tablet or strictly for a PC. We understand that all schools have different needs for their technological choices which is why we have perfected our system to work on iPhones, iPads, Android tablets, Macs and PCs. This allows staff to use devices they’re already comfortable with.

Point of sale systems for schools is no longer simply an idea. With Store 4 Schools, users can easily provide a great check out experience for students. The easy-to-use system makes checkout a breeze because it accepts all forms of payment a school may use and features a user-friendly interface. To learn more about Store 4 Schools, visit our website here.