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Top 4 Benefits of Store 4 Schools Point of Sale System

Finding a decent school inventory management software can feel like an uphill battle. Most systems designers only create their system with businesses in mind, meaning they simply cannot meet the demands a school system needs. Many people forget that schools require detailed records, and most point of sale systems simply are not created with schools […]

Benefits of an Associated Student Body

There’s nothing more fun for students who want to help their school than an Associated Student Body (ASB). Ranging from student government to planning committees, an ASB allows students to increase school spirit, raise funds for their school, plan student events, spread awareness throughout the community and can even offer discounts. Read on to learn more […]

Update Your School’s Inventory Tracking System

School store inventory frequently features an assortment of products. From pencils to electronics, schools have a variety of inventory items that must be tracked. However, most point of sale (POS) systems do not have the necessary components to track school product sales. Many are designed for items that already have barcodes and cannot track the […]

What to Stock in a School Store

Deciding what to stock in a school store doesn’t need to feel difficult. However, with thousands of options, it can feel overwhelming when deciding exactly what a school should carry. From merchandise to electronics, schools have a variety of options, but what exactly should your school’s store keep on hand? This article explains some of […]

Here’s How To Set Up A School Store For Long-Term Success.

Setting up a school store is a wise move for any educational institution. It can become an immediate and significant source of revenue that bolsters your school’s budget for generations. However, such a venture won’t succeed if administrators don’t follow the best implementation practices.  Fortunately, we have some helpful tips to ensure that setting up […]

Five Benefits Of School Inventory Software

As a school administrator, you have a lot on your plate. You are responsible for ensuring that your students have everything they need to learn and grow, from textbooks to pencils to desks. In addition to managing the day-to-day needs of your students, you also must keep track of the school’s inventory. This can be […]

What to Sell in An Online Shop for Students

School stores are a fantastic way to boost student engagement and school spirit while making money. Students can learn math, accounting, and social skills through shopping in the school store. The money earned through the school store can be used for whatever else your school might require, such as field trips, gym equipment, playground upgrades, […]

5 Unusual School Goods for Your School Store

An online student store is essential for raising funds, boosting the school spirit, and ensuring all children have adequate supplies for classes. Although your school store needs basic crayons, clothing, books, pencils, and pens—there’s always room for some unique and quirky school goods!  Here are some of the best unique supplies for your school store: […]

How to Keep Track of Student Inventory in Excel

Excel is an intelligent and inexpensive way to keep track of inventory. However, it does have a lot of limitations that inventory management software for student inventory does not. A spreadsheet can offer virtually endless columns that allow you to categorize and sort the data you need.   You can easily create a spreadsheet or download […]

10 Reasons Why You Should Use A Software App For Your School Store

10 Reasons Why You Should Use A Software App For Your School Store

Innovations in software development now make it possible for entrepreneurs with small businesses to run their operations more efficiently with increased earnings and minimized costs. Similarly, all advisers in charge of student stores could improve their processes by using software apps efficiently to manage their sales and data. We know there are some store supervisors […]