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An online student store is essential for raising funds, boosting the school spirit, and ensuring all children have adequate supplies for classes. Although your school store needs basic crayons, clothing, books, pencils, and pens—there’s always room for some unique and quirky school goods! 

Here are some of the best unique supplies for your school store:

  1. A Magnetic Notebook 

A notebook is always essential for children and teaching staff; that’s why we’ve used them for decades. However, a magnetic notebook has even more benefits. A magnetic notebook has a magnetic strip through the middle. As a result, students can effortlessly rip the page out and click it back in whenever they want.  

Some magnetic notebooks include lined, plain, graph, and dotted paper to cater to all school subjects. They also offer refills when the student has used all the pages in the notebook. 

  1. A Stapleless Stapler

A stapler is an essential stationery item for all students and teachers. However, although staples are generally safe to use, there’s always a danger younger students could hurt themselves with the staples. In addition, the stapes can land everywhere, causing a mess in your classroom or home. 

However, that’s where a stapleless stapler can help your students. A stapleless stapler creates a tiny hole. It then places the punched-out piece of paper under the sheet to keep the papers together. It’s a safer, more convenient, and more affordable option than a conventional stapler.

  1. An All-Weather Notebook

Have you ever accidentally soaked your notebook? It’s a terrible feeling, especially if you’ve already completed your homework. However, that’s where an all-weather-bound notebook can assist students. An all-weather notebook includes a moisture shield that prevents dampness from destroying the pages. 

Furthermore, you can still write in the notebook—with a pencil or crayon—even if it’s wet. An all-weather bound notebook includes a robust cover to ensure it’s challenging to damage the book when carrying it around, which makes it ideal for school students. 

  1. A 2-in-1 Mouse Scanner

A 2-in-1 mouse scanner is excellent if your students need to scan a paper document onto the screen. The mouse allows students and staff to scan drawings, books, and documents onto the laptop or computer screen effortlessly. The 2-in-1 mouse scanner can also scan up to two pages of A4 paper per minute, so students can still work efficiently. 

You’ll find three buttons: right-click, left-click, and scan. To scan a document, simply place the mouse over the paper and click the scan button; it’s that simple. 

  1. An Adhesive Laptop Stand 

Most students and teachers—especially after the COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent remote working conditions—have a portable laptop. However, working on a laptop can be uncomfortable, especially if you don’t have proper chairs and tables to place the laptop at eye-level. 

However, that’s where an adhesive laptop stand comes into play. An adhesive laptop stand can quickly find the right height and angle for your laptop. It includes reusable adhesive that connects to laptops and plastic cases with ease. 

Get the Coolest School Store Supplies Today

You should always have unique school goods in your online student store. Kids love unique options and these items can massively improve student learning too!