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Deciding what to stock in a school store doesn’t need to feel difficult. However, with thousands of options, it can feel overwhelming when deciding exactly what a school should carry. From merchandise to electronics, schools have a variety of options, but what exactly should your school’s store keep on hand? This article explains some of the top student store items to allow a school store to thrive all year long. 


The number one request we see amongst students is a need for electronics. Stores for college students will want to carry computers, laptops and tablets to help their students succeed, but what about K-12? Think smaller items, like speakers and chargers. Carrying electronics gives students something to save up for and can allow schools to make a hefty profit.

Class Supply Bags

There’s nothing students and teachers dread more than the annual school supply list. Students frequently come to school with the wrong items and teachers are forced to make them work. A class supply bag replaces the school supply list put out each year by giving students all the items they need for the school year. These bags allow parents to skip needing to shop for several hours at their big box store, teachers to get exactly what they need and schools to raise extra funds.

Branded Merchandise

Nothing says school spirit like branded apparel. From showcasing a mascot to the school’s logo and name, school apparel is a fun way to show school spirit all year long. However, not everyone wants a t-shirt or sweatshirt. This is where items like keychains and tumblers come in, allowing parents and students alike to show their school spirit in their own unique ways.


There’s nothing kids and adults alike love more than a good snack, and a school store is the perfect opportunity to sell something yummy. Whether you decide to go the healthy route with fresh produce or want something fun like candy is up to you, but school snacks are routinely one of the most popular student store items.


More and more teachers are finding they need their students to use headphones and earbuds. Unfortunately, these items tend to get lost easily. Schools can carry them in their school supply store to ensure that students are prepared for the day. To save costs, look to sell disposable sets that are cheaper for students and school budgets alike.


Experts agree that a love of reading is integral to success, so why not inspire that love all year long with a selection of books? Keeping several books in stock can introduce students to a whole new world of reading while allowing teachers and librarians to showcase the hottest books.

Stocking a school store doesn’t need to feel like an uphill battle. By stocking the above items in your student store, you can create a location students, parents, faculty and staff love to visit. However, you need a point-of-sale system that allows these items to easily get sold. Learn more about how Store 4 Schools can help you sell anything in your store here.