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There’s nothing more fun for students who want to help their school than an Associated Student Body (ASB). Ranging from student government to planning committees, an ASB allows students to increase school spirit, raise funds for their school, plan student events, spread awareness throughout the community and can even offer discounts. Read on to learn more about these benefits and how they can help your school. 

Increased School Spirit

Did you know that students with more school spirit are more likely to achieve more both in school and in life? School spirit is integral to student success, and an ASB helps students get more involved with their school. Those students are then able to pass on their excitement to their classmates, meaning more students are likely to become involved in school events. This means more successful students and an increase in student funding.

Better Fundraising

Fundraising efforts can inspire dread in students, parents, faculty and staff; however, these events don’t need to when an ASB is involved. An ASB allows students to get involved in raising money for their schools, meaning that schools are likely to see an increase in the number of donations. This leads to more luxurious events—or even getting more basic supplies paid for. Increased parental involvement means students are more likely to succeed as well.

Student-Friendly Events

No one knows what students want better than their fellow students, and an ASB works as a spokesperson for student wants. Because of this, administrators can set aside funding for events that the majority of the student body will attend. This leads to an increase in attendance and more funding for other aspects of school life.

Community Awareness

One of the biggest things an ASB group will do is spread community awareness. Many ASB groups will set up community events, such as fundraisers for a local charity, to give back to the community. These events frequently receive news coverage as well, allowing the school’s profile to raise in the community. This can lead to more funding for schools and an increase in community involvement.


Most ASB groups will offer an ASB card which gives students a discount on event entry, senior activities, sporting events and even yearbooks. ASB cards may also offer discounts for parents as well, meaning many will opt to purchase them. These cards can also be utilized at school stores for discounts on certain items, including school supplies, merchandise and snacks.

An ASB is an excellent option for schools that are looking to receive some extra funding while setting students up for success. ASB cards are quickly becoming a mainstay in many households across the country as well, especially with the rise in ASB school stores and web stores. To allow students to get the most out of their ASB card and events, schools need the online student software that facilitates and easy check out process while giving students discounts. Store 4 Schools is dedicated to allowing students to use their ASB card to make purchases, allowing them to receive discounts on items and events. To learn more about how Store 4 School can help your ASB and school store, click here.