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  • Voting 4 Schools (Hosted)
    Voting 4 Schools (Hosted)
    Web based software to manage any type of voting for your school campus. Student body elections, Prom King and Queen, Homecoming and any other type of voting that your school wants to hold online. Setting up an election only takes a few minutes and seconds for students to vote. Voting results are available instantly and administrators have tools to analyze for voter fraud.
  • Ticketing 4 Schools (Hosted)
    Ticketing 4 Schools (Hosted)
    Web based Ticketing Software for schools. You can now use your school issued ID card to sell paperless event tickets. Use student ID cards with barcodes to sell tickets to events like school dances, plays, musicals and sporting events. Easy to setup and train students how to run the software. Click Ticketing 4 Schools or the box to the left and read more.
  • Student Store 4 Schools (Hosted)
    Student Store 4 Schools (Hosted)
    Web based Student Store Point of Sale system designed specifically for schools. The application is durable enough to run a large student store on multiple computers and flexible enough to be scaled down for onsite event like selling food at a school dance.
  • Ticketing 4 Schools (Portal)
    Ticketing 4 Schools (Portal)
    Portal add-on to Ticketing 4 Schools
  • Interventions 4 Schools (Hosted)
    Interventions 4 Schools (Hosted)
    Web based Discipline and Intervention tracking software used to track tardies, dress code violations and minor discipline using ID cards and barcode scanners.
  • Announcements 4 Schools (Hosted)
    Announcements 4 Schools (Hosted)
    Web based software to assist schools in the organization of daily school announcements. - This is a hosted version that we install on our server and manage for you.
  • Training (Optional)
    Training (Optional)
    Implementation, data and training (Online)