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Why Schools are Making the Transition to Digital Event Tickets

The COVID-19 pandemic has completely altered not only the world but also our state of mind and everyday living. All we can think of are germs and viruses, and how easily they can be transmitted. With school finally going back to normal, people may think that everything is okay now. However, this could not be […]

Benefits of Selling Online Tickets to Students Instead of Physical Tickets 

Mobile tickets are the safest and most convenient way for students to buy and manage their tickets. Not only is buying tickets online incredibly convenient, but it’s safer for students. Selling tickets to students online eliminates the need for students to carry cash to school, which is often a disaster for younger children who tend […]

Why You Need a School Event Ticketing System

School events are the ideal way to showcase the talent of every child. This is true whether it is a musical event or some sort of science fair. When it comes down to it, with mostly parents in the audience, you obviously don’t want to go through the hassle of putting your school’s entire reputation […]

5 Practical Uses of Ticketing Software in School

5 Practical Uses of Ticketing Software in School

Do you remember how schools once used to sell tickets for schools events?  Their “receipts” for payments were raffle style tickets, or wristbands, or rubber stamps.  And to be doubly sure who had paid, teachers still had to find and mark off names on printed lists: A-H, of the left; I-P in the middle and […]