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Benefits of an Associated Student Body

There’s nothing more fun for students who want to help their school than an Associated Student Body (ASB). Ranging from student government to planning committees, an ASB allows students to increase school spirit, raise funds for their school, plan student events, spread awareness throughout the community and can even offer discounts. Read on to learn more […]

Best School Check-In System

Schools host a lot of events over the school year, and it’s important to have a check in, check out system for students. These systems allow you to see what your students are attending as well as ensure that attendees have a ticket! Traditional check in systems, like physical tickets and wristbands, are easily lost […]

Top 4 Benefits of Ticketing 4 Schools

How many times have you attended a school hosted event only to discover that the line is a mile long? Or maybe you’ve had someone wait in line for upwards of half an hour only to discover they’ve left their tickets in their car. Scenarios like this are common in the world of school ticketing. […]

5 Ways Online Ticket Software Increases Security at High School Events

There are many things you need to consider when organizing high school ticket events. For example, you must hire the right team of staff, promote the event, handle the concerns of the parents, help fellow teachers, and ensure the school raises enough funds.  However, there’s one thing that’s more important than anything: security.   You must […]

8 Little Changes That’ll Make a Big Difference Running Your School Events

8 Little Changes That'll Make a Big Difference Running Your School Events

Have you ever wondered why some school events seem to be more successful and run effortlessly while others are wanting, and worse, end in disaster? We’ve all been at school events, whether as spectators, or volunteers doing small tasks, or as staff running to and fro filling in the gaps, only to find the leaders […]

How to Choose the Right Software for Student Event Ticketing

Setting up a school store is a wise move for any educational institution. It can become an immediate and significant source of revenue that bolsters your school’s budget for generations. However, such a venture won’t succeed if administrators don’t follow the best implementation practices.  Fortunately, we have some helpful tips to ensure that setting up […]

The Top 5 Ways To Manage Huge School Events 

Organizing enormous school events isn’t simple—especially when you have large groups of attendees. You have to consider safety, ticketing, staffing, financial outgoings, and the type of events that you wish to create. In short, extensive school events are daunting.   With all that said, there are ways you can manage large crowds of parents, students, and […]

Five Advantages of Using Software for Event Ticketing at Schools

School administrators often plan and manage large events, such as dances or concerts. Ticketing for these events can be a hassle, but with the right software, it can become much more manageable. This blog post will discuss five reasons why using software for event ticketing at schools can be beneficial.  Convenience  Software provides a convenient […]

How to Handle High School Online Ticket Sales

The moment that all high school sports fans await is now fast approaching: the return of sports events! As school begins to welcome back their students back to continue the school year, fans are eagerly awaiting the return of the athletic events that make their world go around. As for the people in charge of […]