Software 4 Schools - Engagement and Security

School Logo

Information In order to upload your school logo you must have Super Admin access.  Logos can be in .jpg. jpeg, gif or .png format.  From the left navigation click on System Settings Click on System from the top Navigation Click on School Logo Click Logo to upload your own school logo System Settings 

My Account

My Account allows you to see your application expiration date, request a quote and renew your account. Notice: Only admin with permission to Manage Renewals can access this section. Select the My Account tab to view how many days you have left on your contract as well as renew your account. Here you can view your […]

Dashboard Overview

The dashboard has an overview of the days announcements and easy access to Software 4 Schools Notifications. This is your home screen which appears once you successfully login. Here is the top bar menu where you can access Announcements (to view, create and read email announcements), Calendar, Reports and Configure (manage groups, access codes etc). This is the […]

Login Attempts

This report is used to help troubleshoot user login issues. When a user has difficultly in logging in, you can run this report to see when the attempt was made, from what IP address the user and password that was attempted and if there was a matching user name. You can enter text in Search […]

Announcements List

In order to view all announcements, click on the Announcements button available at the top bar. On this page, you can search for particular announcement(s), filter, add or edit/approve as well as download the same into Excel spreadsheet or PDF file format. To add a new announcement, click on the Create Announcement button. To learn more, […]

Auto Send

Auto Send tool allows you to setup your announcements to be automatically sent every day. Auto Send – Use this toggle button to On (or Off) the Auto Send process. Announcements For – Choose if you want current day or following day announcements to be sent. Send At – Select the time you would like […]

External Links

Staff Page – This is a link to your main site that you can use to share with your staff. Public Page – This is a view only page of your daily announcements. Embedded Calendar Code – This page will display the calendar that you can embed on your website. User can click on the […]