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Dashboard Overview

The dashboard has an overview of the days announcements and easy access to Software 4 Schools Notifications. This is your home screen which appears once you successfully login.
Dashboard Blank
  • Here is the top bar menu where you can access Announcements (to view, create and read email announcements), Calendar, Reports and Configure (manage groups, access codes etc).

  • This is the dashboard where current day’s announcements appear as well as birthdays.

  • At the bottom of the page, Software 4 Schools notifications appear.

Below is the brief overview of your dashboard and home screen:

Needs Approval

Announcement Requiring Approval
  • Announcements that require approval will appear on your home screen dashboard with a label that states Needs Approval. Click on that announcement to edit and approve the same.

Edit Announcement
  • Select Yes from the Approved dropdown.

  • You can make necessary edits as well. To update the information, click on the OK button.

When an announcement is clicked from the dashboard, a pop-up window appears allowing the user to edit the announcement.

Explore Other Programs

Explore Other Programs
  • If you wish to learn about our other programs/products then you may click on these links available at the left-menu of your home screen.


  • You can logout from the application by clicking on your user name appearing at the left-menu. Once you click on your name, the option to Log Out is visible.