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Cash Drawer (Connected to Thermal Printer)

In this article, you will learn about using a thermal printer with an electronic cash drawer.


When using this cash drawer, it should be connected to the printer, but you can open the cash drawer without printing. If the printer is already setup to work with your computer, then there are no other steps other then turning the function on for a particular user.

User Staff Settings

  • Select the tab for Staff.

  • Click on the Edit button against the user/staff to update the settings.

Access the System Settings from the left menu on your screen. Click on the Users button available on the top bar.

Select the tab for User Settings and select Cashdrawer with Thermal Printer option from the dropdown.
For each user that will be using the printer and cash drawer, please use the exact settings as pictured on the right. Doing so will allow the following to occur: When transaction is complete, printer will print and cash drawer will open up.

Printer Settings

  • Locate your printer under your computer settings (this example the printer name is “Custom Genius”

  • Click Preferences under the General Tab

  • Check the box “Open Cash Drawer #1” and click ok

If your cash drawer does not open after printing be sure the Open Cash Drawer #1 is checked. 

Printer Cable

Be sure the printer cable is plugged in the correct way. There should be a label on the cable that says to printer or to cash drawer. You can try switching it around if it is not working, it won't break anything.