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Total Votes

In this article, you will learn how to view reports related to Elections results.

To access, click on the Reports icon available at the top bar and select the tab for Election Results.

Reports - Totals
  • Select the tab for Total Votes.

  • Select Election – From the dropdown, choose the election who want to view the results for. Total Votes will be broken down by Position and then Candidates. You will also have the percentage of votes each candidate received

  • To view the results offline, you can download the report in Excel spreadsheet or PDF format by clicking on the respective icon.

Who Voted by Group

Reports - Totals (second half of report)
  • Voting Group – This part of the report will show you your voting groups in the first column.

  • Voters That Participated – The number and percentage of voters from that Voting Group.

  • Eligible Voters – The number and percentage of voters from a group out of all your eligible voters

This is the second half of the report.