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Rank Choice Voting


Rank Choice Voting (RCV) is an option to allow voters to rank their choices (1,2,3 etc) The system will first look for a winner (more than 50%)  by looking at all voters 1st choice. If no winner can be established, the lowest ranking candidate will be removed and the second choice will be reallocated to the other candidates. This will continue until there is a winner of more than 50% votes. 

  • To create a Rank Choice Election Set the Layout / Type to Rank Choice

  • Add Candidates to your election.

  • For each position Students will see the same number of options for ranking up to 6. so in the first example there are 2 candidates and the voter can rank their first and second choice. In the Second option for Vice President, the have 4 candidates to choose from so they can rank 1-4. They are not required to rank all 4 choices, the voter can just choose a first choice if that is all they want to vote for. If there were 7 or more candidates they will just see 6 choices.

  • As voters choose options they will see a green check next to the name of the candidate to help them identify if they have ranked that candidate.

  • When looking at the results, we will default to the final results. In this case the winner was Stephanie as she had 60% of the votes.

  • If you go back to the 2nd choice or 1st choice you can see where the votes came from before a candidate was removed.