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Managing Student Credit

In this article, you will learn about student credit balance, credit refunds and zero-out balance.

  • You can search for a particular student by entering name in the search box.

  • To refund the credit, click on the Refund button. Read below for more details.

To access, click on the Students button available at the top bar and select the tab for Student Credit. This will display all students that have either a positive or negative balance on their account. Clicking on the credit amount for each student will display a history of the student credit accounts.

Student Credit Refunds

  • The amount will default to the total amount that the student has remaining.

  • Choose a refund method (if you are going to refund the money back to the student.) If canceling the amount and not returning the money back to the student, use the option below for zero out balance.

  • Add any additional notes or details about the refund.

  • Review the details and click on the Refund button.

When you click on the Refund button, this pop-up window will appear.

Zero Out Balance

  • Check the box to the left of the student record you are looking to zero out. 

  • Click on the Zero out Balance button. Choose a refund method. Available refund methods are mentioned below.

Use this option if you wish to zero down the balance for multiple students at one time. You can also do refunds in mass from here as well.

These are the available refund methods.