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Student Negative Account Balance

  • To use negative account balance you first have to turn on Student Accounts

  • Next turn on Student Account Allow Negative Balance

  • Set a dollar amount that the students can go into the negative. The dollar amount set here will be a positive number, but will be the negative amount they can go into debt.  

  • Any student that has a negative balance will be displayed on the student page with an Add Credit (-$)

  • When a student is scanned into the sales page, if they have a negative balance it will show up in red. 

  • If a student can use more negative credit, you will see Student Account (-). In this example they have used -25 and the maximum is -50 so it shows up as an option. 

  • In this example the student has -25 left on their account. The first 25 of this purchase will be taken from the account. 

  • For the balance, in this case an additional 25 can be paid with any other payment option. 

  • In this next example the student has $25 left to spend in their account, but they wish to purchase an item for $50. 

  • The first $25 will be pulled from the credit they have remaining. 

  • The second $25 will put the student into a negative balance. 

  • To see just those students with a Negative balance use the filter at the top of the page. 

Under the Students / Student Credit Tab you will find all students that have either a positive or negative balance.