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Student Groups allows you to add an additional layer of reporting around students. For example if you have different houses on your campus, you can upload the house that the student belongs to and then report on students in a house or totals for a specific house.

Must Enable Groups to use this feature

To enable groups, go to System Settings / System Vales / Ticketing. Select Groups and set the value to Yes.

  • To create a new group, click the Add Group button. You need to enter the Group name and click OK.

  • You can use this Search box to search for your required groups.

  • By default, all inactive groups are hidden and only active groups are displayed. Click on the View Inactive Groups to view them all.

  • To edit group name of existing groups, click on the Edit button against the desired group. Read below for more detail.

To access Groups, click on the Students button from the top bar and select the tab for Groups.

Edit Group
  • Enter the new and updated Group Name into this textbox.

  • Review the information and click on the OK button.

When you click on the Edit button against the group name, a pop-up window will appear prompting you to make the changes.


While editing the group, please note that all of the students in that group will be updated..