Software 4 Schools - Engagement and Security

Preparing for Next School Year

User Level Access In order to complete this process you must be a Super User or App Owner. This article is broken up into 4 main steps.  Exporting / Disabling Events Staff Accounts Student Accounts Renewal of your Software Account 1. Export Reports and Disable old Events Click on the + below for each module you […]

School Logo

Information In order to upload your school logo you must have Super Admin access.  Logos can be in .jpg. jpeg, gif or .png format.  From the left navigation click on System Settings Click on System from the top Navigation Click on School Logo Click Logo to upload your own school logo System Settings 

ProPay (Heartland) Merchant Account

Information. You must be a Super Admin to setup your payment gateway account. Payment Gateway To apply for a Credit Card Payment Gateway account, go to System Settings Next click on System Next click on Payment Gateway School Type / Tax ID School Type – If Private you will be required to add SSN (Social […]

Sell Tickets

In this article you will learn how to handle the ticket sales.   You can access the Sell Ticket option by clicking on the Events button at the top bar and selecting the desired Event from the list. On the selected Event’s page, click on the tab for Sell Tickets. Either scan a student ID using […]

Upload Students

In this article, you will learn how to upload students into the Voting database. Follow the instructions below. Notice You must have Super User or App Owner permission level to upload students into the application.  User Permissions Prepare your Excel / CSV File Format To upload students into our system you will need to provide […]

Online Portal Walkthrough

In this article, you will learn how to use the Online Portal. Create Account | Sign In Login / Buy Now – Clicking this button will open up the login or register option (see below) Create Account | Sign In – Alternatively you can click either option here as well. On your schools ticketing portal […]

Online Portal Setup

In this article, you will learn about setting up the Online Portal. Notice In this article, you will learn about configuring your ProPay merchant account to work with Store and Ticketing. Please follow this document if you have not already created a ProPay Account.  Learn More Online Portal The online portal gives parents the option […]

Spirit Point Reward Tracking

In this article, you will learn about Spirit Point Reward Tracking. Spirt points or reward tracking can be done as a standalone using Ticketing but when combined with the Advantage Bundle, you can then use the Store module where students can redeem their points for actual prizes and spirit wear. Setup To start using Spirit Points […]

Pre-load Event

In this article, you will learn how to upload tickets sales from another program into their own system such as Blue Bear which is part of Active Network. How to Upload Ticket Sales Select the tab for Pre-Load Event. This page lists down some important instructions to be followed. You MUST create your event with […]