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Sell Tickets

In this article you will learn how to handle the ticket sales.


You can access the Sell Ticket option by clicking on the Events button at the top bar and selecting the desired Event from the list.

Sell Tickets
  • On the selected Event’s page, click on the tab for Sell Tickets.

  • Either scan a student ID using a barcode scanner or use the second box to lookup a student by ID, first or last name. 

  • If the option “Student type to determine ticket price” is on, only one ticket price will show up. If that is off, you will see all the ticket options, and you can click on the one you want to use. 

  • Click the Amount due or the Next button to continue. 

  • There is an optional field that can be configured in System Settings where you can track additional data on a ticket. In this example we have Seat / Meal.

  • If you are using a receipt printer you can click Print and that will print out the receipt and complete the transaction or you can just click complete transaction.

Confirm the Sale


To use this option you need to select the setting "All Guests" in the event setup. 

  • Click the Guest ID button

    • If you want to link the guest to a “host” student you can scan or enter the ID of the host student in the textbox.

  • You can add the first and last name of the guest

  • Click Next to complete the sale

Sell Ticket with Guest