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My Account

My Account allows you to see your application expiration date, request a quote and renew your account.

Only admin with permission to Manage Renewals can access this section.

Account Renewal

  • Renew By – Choose the desired option for how you would like to renew.

Follow the steps below to complete the renewal process:

Account Renewal - II

There are three ways you can renew your account depending on your school district policy:

1. Send me a quote, but do not renew yet: This will NOT renew your account. Often schools need a quote in order to generate a Purchase Order (PO). Once you processed a PO, you can send it to and we will process your order.
2. Renew now and pay by credit card: This first option will allow you to enter your credit card information and instantly renew your account. A paid invoice will be sent to your email.
3. Renew now and send me an invoice to pay by Check: This option will renew your account instantly and an invoice will be sent to your email address which you can pay by check only.