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Changing Payment Type After Transaction has Completed

In this article, you will learn about changing the payment type after a transaction has been completed.

In the event that you marked a payment with the incorrect payment type, an Admin can go in and change the payment type.

Payment type can be changed from any screen where you can access the transaction details such as Students Details, Home or Transactions Details.

Access Transaction Details from Home

  • To access, click on the Home button available at the top bar.

  • Navigate to the bottom-left to access all latest transactions.

Your Home screen provides overview of the system in form of a dashboard.

Access Transaction Details from Students Page

You can access transaction details from the students page as well.
Click on the Students button available at the top bar and select the tab for All Students.
Click on the Transactions number to view the details.

Update Payment Type

  • Click on the dropdown to select the required payment type.

  • Click on the Update/Save Transaction button to save the changes in the system.

Once you select a transaction, a dialog box will appear displaying the details.