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Pre-load Event

In this article, you will learn how to upload tickets sales from another program into their own system such as Blue Bear which is part of Active Network.

How to Upload Ticket Sales

Pre Load Event
  • Select the tab for Pre-Load Event.

  • This page lists down some important instructions to be followed. You MUST create your event with some ticket prices before you attempt an upload. We recommend you also set the event switch that will exclude students who have not pre-registered.

  • Once you have prepared your spreadsheet (read below for more details) you can click on the File button to upload it into the system.

Click on the Events button available at the top bar and select an event from the list. In this example, we have selected an event named School Dance.

Uploading Methods

There are two ways you can upload your sales. You can select your method here. Either upload a .CSV/.XLSX file with a list of students OR a file containing both students and their guests.

Uploading Students with Guests

There are two options for uploading the spreadsheet.

Example 1:
The actual column headings do not matter. Blue Bear will export a list with LastnamecommaFirstname. eg Martinez, Perry. This is fine because the comma forces the upload program to separate the names into two columns.


Example 2:
In this example the names are already split out into separate columns.
The Guest names must be in full, as shown, lined up with the host student. eg Paula Grayson. No commas.
You need to ensure the data being in right format to successfully upload the files.
What will happen when you upload the file?

Ticketing 4 Schools will show all your students in the Attendees section just as though they had bought ticket through this system. The date of purchase will be the date of file upload. If you upload students who are not already in the Ticketing database, they will be created and visible in the main student file (grade level will remain unknown).