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Manage Students

  • Click System Settings from the bottom left side of the menu bar

  • Select Users from the top menu

Manage Students

  • To view students that are loaded into your system, click Students from the sub menu. 

  • Click Upload Students to add students in mass. If you are using.  Learn more

  • Click Add Student to manually create a new student. See below for more details on adding or editing a student.

  • Checking one or more student will allow you to deactivate students so they are not showing in the system. This is used when a student leaves the school.

  • Click Edit to modify a student See below for more details on editing a student.

The Manage Student page allows you to view all students and Add, Upload new students or Edit current students. If you are using Automated Student Rosters the data here will refresh nightly. 

Add / Edit Students

  • When you add or edit a student you will see a pop up modal to modify the details. Here you can set the student details such as name, password, email and grade level.

  • If Voting is enabled you will be able to either use the student grade level as their Voting Group or you can select a custom voting group to put the student into

  • If Ticketing is enabled, you will be able to select the Ticket Type this student will be connected to. Ticket types allow for automated student pricing when selling tickets.

  • When Interventions is enabled you can enter the Call Slip or Last Period location so you can print out call slips with location on them. 

  • When Interventions is enabled you can select the current term that student is in. 

  • When this switch is on (as seen in this screenshot) the student is active and will show up in the system. When this switch is off, students will not show up on the platform but will still be in the system as inactive status. When a student is inactive and then activated at a later point in time all records will be maintained.