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Auto Send

Auto Send tool allows you to setup your announcements to be automatically sent every day.
  • Auto Send – Use this toggle button to On (or Off) the Auto Send process.

  • Announcements For – Choose if you want current day or following day announcements to be sent.

  • Send At – Select the time you would like the announcement to be sent on

  • On – Choose the days of the week. By default, Monday to Friday are displayed. You can add or edit days as required.

  • Review the entered information and click on the OK button to complete the Auto Send process.

Click on the Configure button at the top bar. Now, click on the Auto Send tab.


To use this you must set the Email To Staff value in the System Settings.

You can edit a user and determine if that user is going to get emails. This can be found under user System Settings -->User Accounts.