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User Accounts

In this article, you will learn about managing user / staff accounts.

System Settings

You can access the System Settings for your school by clicking on the System Settings button available at the bottom-left on your screen.
This is how the dashboard i.e. your settings home page looks like. Your purchased products are available while our other products are available for you to explore.
To manage the users, click on the Users button available at the top bar.

Users List

  • To upload a new staff members from a file, click on the Add Staff button. Learn more

  • To add a new staff member or user account, click on the Add Staff button.

  • You can search for existing users using the search text box. By default, all active users are displayed. You can view inactive users by clicking on the View Inactive button.

  • Click on the Edit button against each user account to modify / update any changes.


To access users / staff list click on the Users button available at the top bar and select the tab for Staff.

Add User

  • First & Last Name – Enter the complete name in provided textboxes.

  • Email & Password – Enter a valid email address of the user. Also, enter a suggested password. Re-enter the same password in Password Again textbox.

  • Select the appropriate application access rights for the new user. There are three types: Limited, Basic and Super user. Once you have entered all the details, click on the OK button.

To add a new user / account, click on the Add Staff button. Here, select the tab for User Details.

Click here to learn more about User Permission Levels

User Settings

  • Thermal Printer can be turned on if you have one connected to the users computer. If you are using an 8 ½ x 11 printer then leave this off. 

  • Cashdrawer has two options or can be set to No Cashdrawer. One that is connected directly to the printer or if you are not using a printer there is a USB option.

  • Driver Type does not need to be modified. Currently there is only one option which is to use the qzTray. There is nothing to change on this settings at this time.

  • Below Driver Type is a download option for Windows, OSX or Linux. Click the link for your operating system and install the application that allows our system to talk directly to the thermal printer. Learn more

  • Printer Name must be set if using the thermal printer setup, you will need to enter the exact name of the printer installed on your computer. You can find this under printer settings on your computer. You can also see more details on setting up a printer using the Learn more link above.

User Settings is divided up by module / product. Every user will see Printer Settings which apply to all modules and if they have access to specific modules they will potentially see additional settings for that module (see screenshots below).

Announcement Settings

  • Birthday can be set for a user that will display that it is the user birthday during the week of their birthday. Birthday will also be on the email that goes out from the system.

  • Receive E-mails will allow that user to be on the Automation List and If you don’t want to send a daily email you can turn that off for specific users.

These options will only show if the user has permission to use Announcements from the User Details screen. 

Interventions Settings

  • Default Scan Type will show you all available Scan Types that are in the system.

  • If the user is using the thermal printer you can choose if printing receipts or automatically print out two receipts by also turning on print duplicates.

These options will only show if the user has permission to use Interventions from the User Details screen. 

Store Settings

  • Notify Portal Purchase will send this user an email every time a purchase is made on the portal.

  • Allow Discounts will all this user to have an option to discount a sales upto 99%. When doing a discount an admin password is always required.

  • If Using Receipts will allow you to choose between automatically printing or prompting the user to print after each transaction.

  • Sales clerk on Receipt allows you to control what name if any will appear on the bottom of each printed receipt.

  • Item Categories allows you to determine what categories that user has access to. For example you might have an account for just the PE department and don’t want them to have access to Fees, Fines and Donations. 

These options will only show if the user has permission to use Store from the User Details screen.