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ProPay: How to Void a Transaction

In this article, you will learn about canceling or voiding a transaction.


Void vs. Return

Void / Mistaken Charge: A customer decides they didn’t want to charge the card after all, or some other mistake was made with the transaction. This transaction may be cancelled, or voided, prior to it being settled. The history of the order and its cancellation will be tracked on the sales reports.
Return: A customer decides to return on ore more products charged to their credit card. This can only happen after the transaction has been settled. The negative charge will go back to the customer credit card and record of the return will show up in your Store 4 Schools account.

To Cancel or Void a Transaction

  • Click on the Transactions information available against the student. A dialog box will appear with transaction details. Read below for more details.

You can access Transactions detail, you can click on the Students button available at the top bar and select the tab for All Students.

Similarly from this screen, you can also access the transaction details by clicking on the Trans #.
Void Transaction
  • A transaction can only be canceled / voided within the first 24 hours and prior to the credit card batch processing from ProPay. If the transaction can be cancelled, you will see a button titled Void Transaction. Click this button to clear the transaction from ProPay and create a void record on your report. Refresh the page to see the newly cancelled record.

This is the dialog box that appears when clicking on the transaction ID.