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Outcomes Explained

In this article, learn how to manage the Outcomes of student infractions. This page is intended for use by Administrators and Counselors.

When a Student ID Card is Scanned

Every time a student is scanned a new transaction (record) is created to hold all the details about the particular incident. The transaction contains a unique transaction key, student details (Name, ID etc.), Infraction Information (date, period, notes), Detention & Hall Pass flag, Call Slip Date (when the student was called to serve detention) and the Outcome.
The details on this records get updated as the student is called to detention and serves it; or is followed up by an administrator.


Manage Outcomes

  • Use the Search Filters such as Student Name/ID, Grades and Scan Types to filter the student data.

  • You can download the list in Excel spreadsheet or PDF format by clicking on the respective icon.

  • The Scan Type field is clickable. You can click to view the full details of selected record. 

  • Click on the Call Slips button after checking one or more students to call into your detention. You need to go through this process in order for your detention list and no shows report to work properly. 

  • Click on the Edit button available against each record to add/update notes by providing more descriptions or reasons. Read below for more details.

To access, click on the Outcomes button available at the top. From this page, you can manage the student outcomes.

Edit Outcome

When you click on the Edit button, this pop-up window will appear. You can add Notes in the textbox and also select Change Outcome from the dropdown.
Once you are done with the updates, click on the Yes button to save the changes.

Mass Update

Outcomes - Mass Update
  • Using the checkboxes, select the students you want to update the outcomes for.

  • As you select student(s), this option will be available to you. Select the type of outcomes (Open, Waived, Suspended etc.) by clicking on this dropdown option. Now, click on the Update button to save the changes.

To perform mass updates, follow the steps below:

Types of Outcomes

Outcomes include following: Warning, Open, Incomplete, Served, Waived, Referred, Suspended and Closed.