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Detention Call Lists

In this article, you will learn how to use the Detention Call List report. It is part of a comprehensive set of Detention reports.


Detention Call List

  • From the available options, click on the Detention Call List button.

  • Use the search filters to narrow down the results of the multiple day report. You can select Date Range criteria, Grade Level, Infraction along with Operator and Threshold using the dropdown menus.

  • Once you have selected the search criteria, click on the Search button.

  • You can click the Generate Detention Call List button to generate a list. Using this list you can get the students and lead them to detention. Read below for more details.

  • To print the call slips, click on the Print Call Slips button. Read below for more details.

To access, click on the Reports icon available at the top bar and select the tab for Detentions.

Print Detention Call List

When you click on the Generate Detention Call List button, this is how the printable list will look like. The selected search criteria, the date on which this report was printed along with students' complete information is available.

Print Call Slips

  • Complete Student name is displayed.

  • This will display Period depending on the System Value “Last Period Location”, under Settings and the information related to Room provided while uploading the student data.

  • Name of the School Principal.

  • Date is automatically generated by the system.

  • Student ID as stored in the system is displayed. A barcode is also generated which can be used to scan the student into detention.

  • This is a manual entry field. The Detentions Supervisor should collect the Call slips from the students and write the approximate time they came into detention. Plus any other notes. 

When you click on the Print Call Slips button, this is how the format will look like