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Email Announcements

You can send emails to your staff by using Email Announcements option. In order to so, follow the steps mentioned below.
Email Announcements
  • You can select “Announcements For” today, tomorrow or Monday. You can choose “Monday” if sending out on Friday before the weekend.

  • You may add or remove email addresses. The emails shown here are controlled by the user management.

  • Add a special message for today.

  • Click any announcement to make last minute changes. Announcements that says (Needs Approval) will not be sent out in the Email. To ensure that it is sent out, you will have to click on the title and change the approved status to Yes.

To send an email to your staff, click on the Email Announcements tab. Enter the required information as explained below. Once done, click on the Send button available at the end of the Included Announcements section.