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How to Scan for Infractions

In this article, you will learn how to scan for infractions.

Scans - Tardy

  • Select the Scan Type from this dropdown. Here we have selected Tardy.

  • Click on this field if you would like to scan the Student ID Card.

  • You can also enter student name in this textbox. As you start to type, matched names will start to appear in the list. Select the desired student and press enter.

  • Change the date for the Period by clicking on the calendar icon.

To access this page, click on the Scans button available at the top bar. 

Select Bell Schedule

Select the bell schedule such as Normal, Late Start and Early Release and click on the OK button.

Scan Types

When clicking on the top-right dropdown (as per point # 1 in first section of this article), system will display available Scan Types for you to select from. 
Select the required Scan Type and proceed with the scanning.