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Inventory Reports

In this article, you will learn about using the financial reports.

  • By default, Inventory tab is selected. You can also navigate to On Hold By Item and On Hold By Student types of reports. Read below for more details.

  • If you are looking for a particular record, then enter your keyword in the Search textbox to filter the results.

  • The report shows information such as Product, Category and total purchased/sold items. Click on the Details button to view more information.

To access, click on the Reports button available at the top bar and select the tab for Inventory Reports.

When you click on the Details button on the list page, a pop-up will appear showing you the selected inventory's information.

Inventory Value

  • Click Inventory Value

  • Search for product, filter by category and set the date you want to find the value of your inventory on.

  • The table will display each product, category, group (if assigned to one), unit cost which is calculated based on the most recent addition to your inventory, Inventory qty which is how many items you had on that date and the total value which is unit cost x inventory qty

Inventory Value Report will display what the dollar value of your inventory on a specific day. 

On Hold By Item

  • Select the Date Range option and choose the dates to run the Inventory for.

  • The by date range option will add Starting Qty which is the quantity that was on the first date of your date range selection.

  • The Ending Qty is calculated (Starting Qty – Purchased – Sold – Removed). Note that items sold but returned to inventory will be calculated back into the total. Also Ending Qty is the quantity at the end of the date range and might not match your current inventory.

Inventory can also be displayed by Date Range

On Hold By Student

  • Select the tab for On Hold By Student.

  • The report will display items on hold by student. In case items have been picked up, you can enter the Qty Picking Up in the textbox and click on the Picked Up button to save the changes.

  • Select the tab for On Hold By Item.

  • Select the Category from the dropdown list and click on the Submit button to retrieve the results.

  • The report will display product(s) on hold along with Quantity, Unit Price and Sales.