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Detentions Unserved – Summary

In this article, you will learn how to generate a summary report of unserved detentions.


  • From the available options, click on the Unserved – Summary button. This report will give you high level view of how many students owe detentions.

  • For search result specific to a student, select the Student ID or Name. You can also filter the report using the Grades dropdown. ALL Grades is selected by default.

  • The report shows summary of detentions against each student with Name, ID and Grade.

    1. Earned: Total of all the detentions the student has earned.
    2. Served: Total detentions the student has served.
    3. Waived: Number of detentions that have been manually Waived by an administrator.
    4. Escalated: This is a combined count of all infraction where the outcome got manually escalated to Referred or Suspended.
    5. Due:  Number of detentions still due by this student.
    6. If you need more details about each detention, go to the next report  Detentions Unserved – Detail.

To access, click on the Reports icon available at the top bar and select the tab for Detentions.