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Upload Students

In this article, you will learn how to upload students into the Voting database. Follow the instructions below.


You must have Super User or App Owner permission level to upload students into the application. 

User Permissions

Prepare your Excel / CSV File Format

To upload students into our system you will need to provide either a .csv or .xlsx file.  Our system will not import ..xls file (which comes from the older versions of Microsoft Excel). If using a .xlsx file be sure that there is only 1 tab of data on the file.

Possible Fields to upload


  • Student ID 
  • First Name
  • Last Name 
  • Grade Level


  • Portal Password (All products)
  • Email (All products)
  • Voting group (Voting)
  • Last Period Location (Interventions)
It does not matter what order the fields are in, they will be aligned on the next page. Below is the sample of the file.

Upload Students File

  • Click on System Settings 

  • Next click Students to access Student Upload Feature

  • Next click on Upload Students

  • Select products to upload for

  • Be sure your file contains the following fields

  • Select File to locate and move into column mapping step.

In this next step you are going to choose what modules you are uploading students for. By default all modules you own will be turned on, click the switch to light gray to turn them off. 

Column Mapping

  • Does your file have a header row

    Does your file have (for example First Name, Last Name, etc.) If so leave this on. If the first row is an actual student, then turn this off.

  • Do you want to remove previously added students

    This will deactivate all students and then activate those students that are on your file as well as add new students from your file.  If you are only uploading one file you will want to leave this on. The only reason you would want to turn this off is if you are uploading multiple files to put students into specific voting or ticketing groups that are not on your file.

  • Match the core fields from your file
    Next you will match the left column with your data so we bring your data into the correct fields in our system.

  • Email / Orverwrite Email
    If you have student Email addresses in your file, you can select the correct column. The option to Overwrite Email is if you want to replace the email on the file with what they have currently in the system.

Next you need to select the options and align the dropdown menus. 

  • Portal Password – If you are uploading a password that is on your file, select the correct field here.

  • Overwrite Password – If your students have changed their password and you don’t want to reset it, turn off Overwrite password. The image above has it turned on and will change their password to what is on the file even if they have changed it.

    Passwords are Dates – If you are importing a date as a password, for example using the student birthday is a good way to get students into the system, please turn this on. That will format all dates no matter what format they are in, into single digit day, single digit month and 4 digit year with slashes. M/D/YYYY (5/9/1989)

  • Voting Groups – You have 2 options here. first option is to use a column from your file. Typically voting groups are grade level, but they can be any option you choose. If grade level, that would allow you to seperate who can vote by grades. The second option is “Selected Voting Groups” which allows you to put all the students loaded into a specific voting group from the second drop down option.

  • Ticketing Type – By default you will want to load your students as “Students” but you can also load a group of students as having an “Activity Card” which will allow you to have different price tickets for those students vs. the ones tagged as regular students.

  • Last Period Location – This is for Call Slips and will show up when you print them out so you know where to locate students to pick up for detention.

  • Term – This is for reporting, optionally you can just choose “Y” and just load the students one time for the entire year.