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Multiple Events

In this article, you will learn how to view Multiple Events reports. You can view them by Event Name and Event Type.

Events By Name

Multiple Event by Event Name
  • You can choose to view reports by Event Name or Event Type. Click on By Event Name.

  • You have the option to choose all events or specific events that you want to identify how many events each student attended.

  • Select the values from the dropdowns available on the page. You can select Operator (Equals, Greater than or Equals) , # of Events (0 to 10) and Guest (Included or Not Included).

  • Once the values are selected, system will display the reports which you can download as Excel or PDF file by clicking on the respective icon.

Click on the Reports button available at the top bar and select the tab for Multiple Event.


Please note that a number in parenthesis after each event name is the numerical version of Event Type. (1=Sell Tickets and Record Admissions; 2=Sell Tickets Only; 3=Record Admissions; 4=Record Admissions and Exits.) You may not want to mix these up. Nonetheless the first item on the list is ALL.