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ProPay Reports


This help document covers the ProPay built in reporting. These reports are options when using the ProPay Credit Card integration

  • Navigate to the System Settings

  • Click System from the top menu

  • Click Payment Gateway to access the reports

  • The Sweep Report is a list of all transactions that are included in the deposit. The last row will be the total amount that was deposited (Withdraw Funds)

  • Click the Plus symbol to see the details of each transaction 

  • Below you will find the completed transaction summary. This is the total amount to be deposited. 

  • The Transaction report will display all transactions in a date range.

  • Here you will find the Invoice# (Not shown in this sample) along with the name of the student if the student was scanned in or the purchase was made on the portal. 

  • Clicking on a Trans # above or going to the Transaction Search page will display the details behind the transactions. Keep in mind these transaction numbers are not from the Store, but the unique transaction numbers provided by ProPay.