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Microsoft Single Sign-On (SSO)


Must be a super user to configure Single Sign-On.

We recommend you test this with students prior to going live with a big election or event. 

  • About half way down the page you will find the options for Staff Login with Google, Microsoft and Password

  • Just below Staff Login, you will find the Student Login options. 

Go into System Settings / System / Global Settings – 


In order to use Single Sign-On with either Microsoft or Google you need to upload student and or staff email addresses that are linked to the service provider.  

How to Upload Students
  • When using any SSO option, you need to upload email address. Be sure to select the column on your file when uploading that has the student email address. If you always have email on your upload file, we recommend that you choose the option overwrite Email. 

  • When only using a SSO option and no password option you can leave this “Portal Password” sent to Not Uploading.

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Uploading Students 

  • Login with Password

  • Login with Google

  • Login with Microsoft

On the login page, depending on what options you make available for students and staff, you will see one or more of these options.