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Spirit Point Reward Tracking

In this article, you will learn about Spirit Point Reward Tracking.

Spirt points or reward tracking can be done as a standalone using Ticketing but when combined with the Advantage Bundle, you can then use the Store module where students can redeem their points for actual prizes and spirit wear.


To start using Spirit Points go to Spirit Points at System Values and set the value as Yes.

Create Events

When creating events you will see an option to turn on spirit points for that particular event check-in. When setting this to yes you can then assign a value that the student will receive as points when they are checked in.

Multiple Event Reports

  • Select the tab for Multiple Event. Here you can view the total number of events that students have attended as well as the total number of points they have received.

  • You can view the report By Event Name or By Event Type.

    Below is the image of the report with Spirit Points being displayed in the last column.

Click on the Reports button available at the top bar.