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Family Portal

Portal Access

Your school will be provided a URL to access the Store Portal. Each school will have a custom URL where the word school will be replaced with a custom school name.

View Public Store

  • Click Create Account or Sign In if you already have an account.

If the store is set to public you will be able to see all of the items that can be purchased by anyone. Items that are locked to only be sold only to a student will not be seen until you login. to a student can not be seen until you login. 

  • Click the Family icon to start the process.

There are thee types of accounts. A student can create their own account, Family members create an account that allows them to connect to all of their students and guests can create an account that will not have access to purchase history or to add credit to a student account.   

  • Click the Add Student button to connect your account to one or more students.

Add your name, email address and create a password. 

  • Click Verify to confirm your student data.

To link to a student account enter the students first name, last name and student ID number which are all required for a family account.  

  • If the student name and ID are a match, you will see their name in blue

  • You can add additional students at this time.

  • When you are done adding students you can click Register to complete this process.

  • When logged in, you can click your initials in the bottom left to update your account. Purchase History will allow you to see all the purchases that your student has made or has been made by any of their family members.

  • Here you can update you password

  • Click the X to remove any students that you no longer want to be connected with.

  • Click Add Student to add additional students to your account. 

  • Click the student name to change between students if you have access to multiple students.

  • If your school has spirit points turned on you will see the total points your child has in their account. If your school has student accounts turned on you will see either the balance or the Add Credit button. Clicking that will allow you to use your credit card to add money on to your student account.

  • When you add items to the cart, you can increase the quantity or remove the item from your cart by clicking on the trash can.

  • If you need to add a note before completing your transaction this is where that can be entered.