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Exporting Ticket Sales from Store to Ticketing for Checkin

If you are using Store 4 Schools to sell dance tickets and then want to import the ticket sales into Ticketing 4 Schools, please follow the instructions below.

Create Products / Tickets

  • Select the tab for All Products.

  • Click on the Add Product button.

To create dance ticket, click on the Products button available at the top bar.

Product Details

If you are allowing guests, create 2 products: one will be just for students that go to your school and the second product will be a "couples ticket" which will consist of 2 tickets (one for the guest and one for the student at the school). 
You can also upload image for the product.
  • Select the toggle for Product Active.

  • Track inventory should be set to no.

  • Enforce sale to student should be set to yes (i.e., selected); this will allow you to know who you sold the ticket to.

Product Settings

Select the next tab for Settings.


Select the tab for Pricing.
Enter the Sales Price for the ticket. In this example, we have entered 25.00.

Sell Tickets

Now products exist! One for an individual student and for a student with a guest (couple's ticket).
Single ticket will be a regular sale and no memo is necessary. However, you can always add a memo should you be inclined to.

"Couple's Ticket" on the other hand, requires a receipt memo be entered. You will need to enter the guest name in the memo field before completing the sale.

Run Reports to Export a File

  • Select By Product

  • Specify the date range and click Submit

  • Select the Product from the dropdown list. If you are selling guest tickets, you will do this twice. Once for Dance and one for Dance + Guest Tickets

  • Click on the Ticketing Icon (left side) to export the file

Next step includes running the report to export required file. Select the tab for Detail Reports.

Ticketing 4 Schools

Setup your School Dance event in Ticketing 4 Schools. Please select the Event Type as "Sell Tickets and Later Record Admissions".

Upload Student Tickets

Select the tab for Pre-Load Event.
Select List of Students and Guests from the Select Upload Method dropdown.
Click on the File button and upload the downloaded xls file.

Check Your Upload

If you click on the Attendance tab, the uploaded students and guests details will appear.