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Modify Transaction – Post Sale

In this article, you will learn how to modify a transaction after sale.

  • Select the tab for All Students.

  • To modify a transaction, click on the Transaction number.

To access post sale transactions, click on the Students button available at the top bar.

Modifying a Transaction

Modifying a Transaction
  • Click on the Reprint Receipt button to create a duplicate receipt.

  • Click on the E-mail Receipt button to send a copy of the receipt by E-mail.

  • As an Admin, you have the option to change the payment type or payment date. Payment type cannot be changed for Student Accounts and Credit Cards payments.

  • As an Admin you have the option to Void a transaction. This works for all types of payments except Credit Cards.

  • Once you are done with the updates, click on the Update/Save Transaction to save the changes in the system.