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Duplicate an Election

In this article, you will learn how to duplicate an election.

Duplicate an Election

  • Select an election by clicking on the checkbox. 

  • Once an election is selected, system will show you two options: Duplicate and Deactivate. 

    Click on Duplicate if you wish to create a new election with exact details. Read below for more details.

To  access the list of all elections, click on the Elections button available at the top bar.

  • Make sure the election title is different then the original title of the election (duplicate titles are not allowed).

  • Set the new Start & End date and time. 

    You may update rest of the information as needed.

  • If you wish to copy the candidates as well then select the option for Copy Candidates. Review the changes done and click on the OK button to save the details.

All of the election’s details will be available for you to modify. The process is similar to creating a new election.