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Student Portal

Navigating The Student Portal

  • When on the School lookup page, choose your State

  • Then select your school.

To locate your schools student portal, go to or if you know your schools student portal URL, you can navigate directly to it with a URL provided by your school. It will be your schools short code in front of  (i.e.

  • You may see a username and password option.

  • If your school has Single-Sign-On turned on you may also see that along with the username and password or instead of the username and password.

  • If you end up on the wrong school, you can choose Change School to go back to the school selector (seen above)

Your schools login page should have the school name on top, custom labels for how to login and notes to assist with the login.  

  • To navigate between modules click the (3 bar hamburger menu)

  • If your school has Digital Student ID turned on the page should show your ID card along with your name and student picture.

  • The scan type may be barcode or QR code based on the school setup.

  • The footer will display a digital clock with seconds that rotates colors.

Once logged in you may see different options based on what tools are enabled in your platform. 

Mobile App

  • Download the app from the Apple or Android Store