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Discount Options

Custom Discount

To allow a user to give out a discount upto 99% for the entire transaction you can turn this feature on. An admin password is still required to complete the sale.

  • Custom Discount will now show up in the dropdown

  • Enter the percent discount which will apply to all items in the cart. Click anywhere on the screen to see the change after you enter in an amount or change the amount.

Preset Discount

  • Add Student Type

Student type pricing allows you to set a price for a specific student type. Student Types can be created by going to Configure / Student Types

  • On the Add / Edit Product level, click Pricing to access Student Type Pricing

  • Turn on Student Type Pricing

  • Select from the dropdown the student type to set the price for and enter the amount. To add additional pricing options click the + and repeat the process.

  • On Add /Edit student you can select the student type. This can also be imported and done in mass using the Mass Update tool.