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In this article, you will learn about managing your products inventory.

  • Select the tab for Inventory.

  • There are two options available for you: Add Inventory and Remove Inventory. Details are given below.

  • Current Inventory = Total Purchased – Total Sold – Total removed.

  • To view history of purchases and removed inventory, click on the Details button.

To access, click on the Products button available at the top bar.

Detail Inventory

When you click on the Details button available next to the product, system will display more information such as Vendor, Reason Removed, Quantity, Bulk & Unit Cost along and if you are a Super User you have access to delete an inventory record. This option is designed to be used when a mistake was made on adding or removing inventory. If you are removing inventory due to it spoiling or returning to a vendor, we recommend you use the remove inventory feature.

Adding Inventory

Adding Inventory
  • Select Vendor from the dropdown list. You can always Add / Edit Vendors from the Vendors List page.

  • Select Product from the dropdown list. Only products that are set to “Track Inventory” will show up on this list.

  • Choose the date the inventory was purchased.

  • Enter the quantity purchased.

  • Enter the total price paid for the quantity entered above.

  • Unit Purchase Price is automatically calculated by dividing the quantity from the purchase price. Use this as a guide line to set a unit sales price.

  • Click the Add to Inventory button to process this purchase.
    Note: Products with no inventory cannot be sold.

To add a new inventory item, click on the Add Inventory button available on the list page. System will show a dialog box requesting you to enter the required information.

Remove Inventory

Remove Inventory
  • Select your product from the dropdown list.

  • Current inventory will display the balance you are expected to have left.

  • Choose a reason for removing the inventory (if you would like other reasons added to the list please contacts us with your requests).

  • Choose a date for the items to be removed.

  • Select the quantity to be removed

  • Click on the Remove Inventory button to save the changes.

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